Economic Growth Task Force Reports:

IL Energy Regulatory Modernization

Modernizing the Illinois Telecommunications Act:  A Rationale for Renewal

Smart Grid

Smart Grid Supplement

Education Task Force Reports:

IL Stem Learning Exchanges-

STEM Education in IL-2006

STEM Learning by Jason Tysko

April 2011 Presentation at Museum of Science & Industry


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The Illinois Business Roundtable (IBRT) is a voluntary association of 63 chief executive officers of Illinois' leading businesses, formed in 1989 to study, make recommendations, and take action on critical public policy issues facing Illinois.  The Roundtable is nonprofit and nonpartisan.  Our work is solely supported by dues and contributions from our corporate members.

The Roundtable applies the knowledge, creativity and leadership resources of its members to the complex problems affecting both the current and future economic, educational and social vitality of Illinois.


For Illinois:  To be a leader among states in public policies and private/public sector actions that encourage and achieve sustained economic growth and enhance the general welfare of its citizens.

For Our Public Education System:  A world class education system that provides every person the opportunities to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the workforce and in his or her community.


The Roundtable provides a unified leadership voice for commerce and industry in Illinois.  We focus on long-term, comprehensive issues where the unique perspective of our membership and the collective economic power and influence they represent can make an important contribution in resolving those issues.


One vision, one voice, and the direct involvement and participation of our members in the issues we address and the coalitions we build.


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